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Belvoir Pavilions Dog Policy

Yes we are pet friendly for guests who book privately via this website - but agreement to our dog policy is mandatory prior to arrival.  A charge of $30 applies.

We are dog lovers here and have two dogs of our own and are very happy to accept our guests’ dogs provided there is a prior mutual agreement established between us. Unfortunately we have had a few negative experiences before and to ensure that we don’t have anything similar (while still accepting dogs) we have a few questions to ask at time of booking:



1. Is your dog fully house trained?

2. Does your dog moult/shed excessive hair? If so, an extra cleaning fee of $50 will apply.

3. Does your dog bark excessively – especially at night? Is it comfortable outside its usual environment?

4. Does your dog socially interact with other dogs and strangers?

5. Dogs are not permitted on beds or furniture so we would ask that you supply bedding for your pet or we can also give you a clean dog bed to use.

6. You are required to keep your dog with you at all times while staying at the property and when you leave your room that you do not leave the dog unattended .

7. You accept responsibility for any damage your dog makes to the room or property in general.

8. You agree to pick up after your dog and dispose of in the external bin.

9. If there is a problem with your dog barking at night or impacting on the enjoyment of other guests in any way that you will agree to remove the dog the next day and seek alternative arrangements for it (eg boarding kennel).

Chickens !

2021-10-26 18.44.35.jpg

It is also important to note that there are a dozen free range chooks here who roam all over the place – so to ensure their safety - dogs are required to be on their leash while being walked through the gardens. However if the chooks are in their coops (before 8.30 am and after 5.00pm (April -August) 6.30 Sept-March) you are welcome to walk your dog off leash.

Please rest assured that our property is a perfect location for dogs with plenty of space for them to run around in while on leash.

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